Health Benefits of Waterfall Shower Heads

When it comes to waterfall shower heads there’s so many options out there that you may need some help in deciding on which one to go for to give your bathroom that much needed lift. Well luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the ultimate guide to shower heads of the waterfall variety.

First you will need to understand what a waterfall shower head type is. Basically it’s usually from a square shaped head that is either wall mounted or ceiling mounted in your shower room. It has many holes and can even feature cool led lighting effects as well. Usually they come with a hand shower as well. Most people have only ever experienced the waterfall type rain shower in hotels but now more than ever they are affordable for the home as well.

So what are the different kinds of these cool shower head designs?

The best waterfall shower head range from retro to modern and I’m a particular fan of the retro designed one as pictured. But what are they usually made from? Nine times out of ten they are made from brass and then coated with a brushed nickel finish.

Does the waterfall effect increase health benefits?

The answer to this is subjective but I think it does due to the massaging effect of an overhead drenching similar to a real waterfall. This can be soothing and so lower stress levels considerably. Therefore, I conclude that waterfall shower heads are a benefit to your health and well worth a small investment for you and your family members.

Just remember to shop around a bit or look at some guides that will make your choice a more informed one. There’s many guides out there as well that can help you. We’ve shared a good one in this article to get you started.